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Hypnotic Squiggle Sticks

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Hypnotic Squiggle Sticks

S staff, buugeng, squiggle sticks, spiral staff; regardless of what they’re known as, they all share that same S shape that makes them look like an ancient samurai weapon, or a boomerang.

Typically, 2 or more S staffs are spun, juggled, and manipulated together to create mesmerising optical illusions, borrowing techniques from other props, such as double staff, hoop, fans, and even poi.

S staff are very young compared to many other props, with their story only beginning in 1991, with the video ‘In motion with Michael Moschen’.

There has been some controversy about the origins of S staff/buugeng over the years so it’s important to acknowledge the history of this prop and the significant contributions from artists across the globe that have played a part in the growth of this incredible art form.

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