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Adult Dance Hoops

Adult Dance Hoops

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Holographic Sparkle Tape Colour
Grip Tape Colour

Our Adult Dance Hoops are the perfect blend of strength, weight and sparkle for that bling factor! Wow your friends and level up your hula hooping skills with our custom made Dance Hoops.

Choose your own colour combo from our extensive range of holographic sparkle tapes and industry-leading fabric grip tapes, guaranteed to help your hoop stay up for longer - just don't drop it on concrete!

Size guide:
Our Dance Hoops come in two sizes - 90cm for teens, petite adults and those with previous hooping experience, and 100cm for those new to hooping or with an average body size. Both hoops are suitable for off body work - for a dedicated Exercise Hoop for intensive waist hooping, please see our Exercise Hoop listings here.

All of our Dance Hoops are made with 20mm MDPE pipe which provides just the right amount of weight to help you learn tricks, and have a snap button join so you can partially coil down your hoop for ease of transport.


Please note: Shopify limits the number of variants we can list, so if you prefer another colour, add it in your order notes and we will do our best to match it from what we have available :)

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