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Concentrate Light Saber

Concentrate Light Saber

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Channel your inner force with this super bright, incredibly durable LED light saber sword. With almost limitless colour modes and combinations, you’re not just limited to Jedi or Sith!

A tough polycarbonate tube means long-lasting strength, with a silicone end cap to add weight and give the light unit extra protection.

Bright & Programmable Light Modes

With 9 pre-set modes and the option to create your own, you’ll run out of time before you run out of colours and modes! The C5 light unit allows you to create your own colour settings and save them for later.

Only the brightest, custom-made LED diodes are used, and an optical brightener means the light is refracted perfectly along the full length of the sword. This is one bright saber with insanely vivid colours!

Super Durable

One of the hardiest plastics available, the polycarbonate tube will be a tough one to break. The silicone end cap offers protection for the powerful C5 LED unit and adds weight where it’s needed.

Charging Options

This saber is powered by rechargeable AAA 950mah NiMh batteries which can be swapped out for a fresh set if you want instant power, or you can charge the saber via USB. Approx. 2-4 hours of light time from each charge. 


  • Total length: 950mm
  • Grip length: 280mm


  • Polycarbonate tube
  • C5 light unit
  • 1x silicone end cap
  • 2x Rechargable AAA 950mah NiMh Batteries
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