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Fire Poi Head – Baby Monkey

Fire Poi Head – Baby Monkey

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The largest of our lightweight fire poi lineup, this smaller monkey fist head is great for intermediate and advanced spinners who prefer a lighter poi style. At 90g the knotted rope wick is still pleasingly bulky and solid and soaks up a lot of fuel, and the wide rounded shape will throw a meaty flame.

Heritage design

The monkey fist knot traces its whakapapa back to seafaring days, when sailors used the weight of the knot to throw lines to and from shore as they berthed. We use it to spin fire, and it works for all the same reasons: the ball of rope creates a considerable mass, and because the knot only tightens under tension it won’t unravel.

Lightweight alternative

This three-pass monkey fist knot is a smaller sibling of the standard four-pass, and retains all the great properties of the knot without being quite so heavy. This makes it easier to get moving and means comparatively less strain on your arms and wrists. With length options and your choice of chain or technora leashes, you can find the perfect balance. 



  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 90g per head
  • Kevlar: 10mm rope


  • 1x baby monkey fire poi head

Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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