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These fire poi heads are perfect for beginners, as well as advanced spinners who prefer a fast, light poi style. The woven knot is robust as well as elegant, and like all our poi has no exposed metal parts on the head. These lightweight poi are even suitable for the smaller members in your family to try out - under adult supervision of course!

Sneaky little poi headses

Like many of the best inventions this knot came about by accident, when we cut the wick in half one too many times making a twister knot. However we soon realised that the resulting head had the same profile to a 50mm wrapped wick that so many people are familiar with, but with double the wick amount and without all the exposed edges that can be susceptible to wear. So we kept it on, naming it in honour of our favourite book series, and it’s since proved to be a hugely popular option for discerning poi spinners.

Small and sturdy

These poi are robustly woven and being all wick, hold a respectable amount of fuel for their size. They’ll spin fast with a small tight flame, and with your choice of chain or technora leashes in two sizes you can customise the set to suit your personal style.


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    • Dimensions: 60mm x 50mm
    • Weight: 80g per head
    • Kevlar: 25mm x 6mm


    • 1x hobbit fire poi head

      Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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