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Fire Rope Dart – Twister

Fire Rope Dart – Twister

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The distinctive shape of this knot is instantly recognisable and popular everywhere. This fire dart is great for all levels of skill, reasonably lightweight for a dart making it comfortable to use, but with enough bulk to throw a good flame.

Form and function

Each head is constructed of flat kevlar wick hand woven into interlocking layers. But it’s not just beautiful to look at: the ridges and pockets soak up fuel well and then allow it to feed out evenly throughout your burn. What’s more, because the flat sides of the wicks are exposed rather than the edges, they’ll be more resistant to deterioration as well.


With a barrel shaped head, the twister is a great knot for dart. It may not be as impressive as a big wide head, but the narrowness of the knot allows you to swing it close to your body without having to twist out of the way, and it has plenty enough weight to build up some sweet flow without getting exhausted.




    • Length: 3 metres 
    • Technora: 5mm spliced


    • Dimensions: 80mm x 60mm
    • Weight: 130g per head
    • Kevlar: 25mm x 6mm


    • 1x twister fire rope dart

      Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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