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Meet the OG levitation wand designed specifically for flowing and dancing. Accept no imitations!

The flow-wand is handmade in the USA by Flowtoys and is perfectly balanced, giving you unparalleled wand play. With a handy swivelled finger loop, you’ll never have to worry about your string getting twisted again.


Please allow 2-10 working days for orders to be made and shipped (if you need your item/s sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen).



  • Ideally weighted, strong and durable fiberglass core will not warp in humid or hot conditions

  • Braided Teflon-coated nylon string, far outperforms invisible magicians string, allowing more active wand experimentation

  • Black string brings more magic to your movement as it catches less light than other colours

  • Beautiful holographic tape creates stunning daylight optical illusions

  • Clear heatshrink layer protects the entire wand against bubbles and peeling

  • String holes are hand drilled, bevelled, cleaned, and finished by hand for a smooth, catch and tear-free flow

  • End caps protect the ends from bumps


  • Wand length: 66cm

  • Wand diameter: 9.5mm

  • Materials: fiberglass core, holographic tape, braided Teflon-coated nylon black string, finger loops made from tubular webbing & custom swivels, vinyl end caps

Wand String

The string included is suitable for short string flow. If you are interested in both long and short string wanding, we recommend getting an extra string pack. You can convert your short string into a long string by removing the finger loop and using a half hitch to add more string. To convert back, simply remove the extra string and re-install your finger loop.

If your string breaks for any reason, you can replace it easily with extra string from us, or any strong button or upholstery thread or braided fishing line.


  • 1x short string flow-wand by Flowtoys with swivelled finger loop

  • Flowtoys lifetime warranty

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