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Flowtoys Lumina Twirl Baton v2

Flowtoys Lumina Twirl Baton v2

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Used by world champions and Cirque du Soleil performers, the Lumina twirl baton not only feels amazing but is extremely durable. The capsule light 2.0 gives this baton an eye-catching advantage with 64 customisable modes and over 60 billion colours!

Slightly lighter than traditional steel batons, but with more weight at the ends, the Lumina has impressive rotational inertia (momentum), and the custom elastomer grip gives it excellent handling of catches and tosses.



  • Capsule light 2.0 with wireless control

  • Recharge via micro-USB

  • Many adjustable light modes – match your costume!

  • 12mm carbon fibre shaft, ultra-strong yet lightweight, thin yet rigid

  • Custom elastomer super grip

  • 3d-printed screw-in compression connectors form a secure connection between ends & baton shaft

  • All components custom-made to Flowtoys tight tolerances and specifications

  • Flowtoys lifetime warranty



  • Diameter: 12mmOD/10mmID carbon fibre (14mm OD total with elastomer grip)

  • Length: 55cm (total length 76cm including lights)

  • Grip: 1mm thick super-grip elastomer


  • Tubes: 1CX (polycarbonate, 13.5cmL, 25mmOD, 22mmID) accommodates 1 capsule light. NOTE: You cannot fit a flowlight in a 1CX tube.

  • Lights: capsule light 2.0

  • Caps: silicone flowcap with inner polycarbonate snapcap, clicks into tube ends for a secure fit

Capsule 2.0 Light Features

  • 64 customizable modes

  • Full colour spectrum with over 60 billion colours

  • Super bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control

  • Accelerometer response (kinetic awareness 2.0)

  • Wireless control, syncing and connectivity

  • USB rechargeable and update-able

  • Custom 3D-printed case with geometric designs for beautiful light diffusion

  • Extremely durable

  • Flowtoys lifetime warranty

Capsule 2.0 Light Specs

  • Weight: 32g

  • Length: 95mm

  • Diameter: 21mm

  • Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion

  • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma

  • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs

  • Material: polycarbonate light capsule


  • 1x 12mm carbon fibre shaft with holographic deco tape and custom elastomer grip

  • 2x 1CX polycarbonate tubes

  • Diffusion kit installed in tubes

  • 2x screw-in 3D-printed compression connectors

  • 2x silicone flowcaps

  • 2x capsule 2.0 lights

  • 2x micro-USB charging cables

  • Flowtoys lifetime warranty


Lumina Twirl Baton v2 are covered by Flowtoys 'forever flow lifetime warranty'. Get in touch with us if there are any issues with your Lumina Twirl Baton v2 and we'll get it sorted.

Click here for more information about Flowtoys lifetime warranty.

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