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This collapsible, convertible contact staff is a must for any staff spinner. The Fusion contact staff twists together by hand in just seconds. Using Fusion’s patented locking system, this staff with give you incredibly balanced, wobble and rattle free flow.

Compact and lightweight
The lightweight staff breaks down into 3 sections which easily twist on/off making this collapsible contact staff the ideal travel buddy.

Fast set up and modular design
Using the patented Fusion locking mechanism, a simple twist of the handle will set up your staff quickly and easily. A completely modular design allows you to swap between LED, fire and even dragon ends.

No compromise on quality
The Fusion contact fire staff is made from precision engineered 7075 aluminium, with machined end caps. The Fusion connectors will give you a well-balanced staff, free from unwanted wobbles and rattles.

Kevlar Wick

Authentic Dupont Kevlar wicks offer 100+ burns per wick!


Made from a synthetic rubber and is 2mm of cushiony goodness for extreme comfort and durability. EPDM is slightly tacky, and will retain its grip even when wet, making this the ideal choice for more humid climates. EPDM grips can easily be replaced at home when they wear down.


Please allow 2-10 working days for orders to be made and shipped (if you need your item/s sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen).



  • Total length: 1500mm/1600mm
  • Handle length: 400mm
  • Outer diameter: 22mm
  • Diameter including grip: 25mm
  • Weight: 670g (1500mm)
  • Weight: 718g (1600mm)


  • 1x Fusion contact handle
  • 2x Fusion contact fire ends with 100mm Kevlar wick and Silicone Flowers

Don’t forget to read up about wick care and fire safety so you get the most out of your prop, safely.

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