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Fusion F3 Dragon Hub

Fusion F3 Dragon Hub

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The Fusion F3 fire dragon hub is the lightest in the world. The lightweight hubs can simply be twisted on and off by hand – genius. These hubs will fit our 22mm x 1.45mm drawn aluminium tube.


At only 68 grams per hub, the F3 is perfect for travel.

Fast set up

Using the patented Fusion locking mechanism, this hub can be set up in seconds with a simple twist on/off by hand. Easily switch between claws, fire, or LED spokes.

No compromise on quality

These F3 hubs are solid and just like the V3, the spokes are locked in with set screws, meaning you’ll always get a tight, rattle-free fit.


  • 7075 precision engineered aluminium hubs
  • Weight Per Hub: 68 grams
  • Weight 2" Spoke: 87 grams
  • Fits 22mm (OD) x 19.1mm (ID) staff
  • Will not fit on a staff with fixed end caps

    Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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