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Fusion V3 Dragon Hub

Fusion V3 Dragon Hub

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The Fusion V3 dragon hub is the ultimate hub for your fire dragon staff and can fit any spoke with an 8mm rod, including the Threeworlds Dragon Fire Spokes and Spiral Dragon Claw.

Adapts with you

Sometimes we want more flames, sometimes we want less weight. With the V3 Dragon Hub you can effortlessly swap between 3 or 4 spokes, all from one hub. You can also use shims to change the size of tube your hub will fit.
22mm (7/8 inch) – included (no shims needed)
19mm (3/4 inch) – available on request

A tight fit

One thing we always want is a secure fit. Regardless of what 8mm rod you use, the spokes are locked in with set screws, meaning you’ll always get a tight, rattle-free fit.

Hassle free on/off

The hub can easily be attached or removed with a couple of quick turns of a single bolt with a 2mm Allen key, without needing to take the wicks out. 



  • 7075 precision machined anodised aluminium hubs
  • Weight Per Hub: 98 grams
  • 1 dragon staff requires 2 units (one for each end)
  • 19mm is a 22mm unit with a removable aluminium shim to fit 19mm tubing


  • Single V3 hub
  • No spokes

Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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