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Kids Fire Spin Staff

Kids Fire Spin Staff

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Our kids fire spin staffs are ideal for kids to get into spinning, or anyone who desires a smaller, lightweight staff. With all the thrill of using fire in a smaller and more manageable package, this fire staff is sure to be a winner.

This spin staff has 50mm wicks on each end and a sports style grip in the middle. Made from 20mm aluminium with added dowel at each end, this fire staff has strength and balance in a small package.

Age/sizing guide

There is no set limit for when to start spinning fire; everyone is different and we leave it up to you to judge whether your children are ready and exactly how closely they need to be supervised to keep them safe. Size-wise, a spin staff should come up to or just above chest height - this staff comes in a standard 1m length which gives you an idea of what size person might use it.




  • 1000mm


  • Staff: 19mm x 1.45mm extruded aluminium
  • Grip: 300mm sports grip
  • Wicks: 50mm x 3.2mm kevlar


  • 1x kids fire spin staff

    Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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