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Our daytime Rope Darts are durable yet soft on the hands, and they don’t pack too much of a punch when they hit your body which makes them the perfect option for beginners and experienced Dartists alike.

The gorgeous monkey fist heads are designed to withstand constant movement and the occasional scrape or bump.

Choose from 2 set up options and your choice of 5 bright head colours and 3 tether colours. 

The Head (Dart)

Each Rope Dart head is made from a beautifully hand-crafted monkey fist (a special type of knot) that won’t come apart when in motion. We use quality braided rope for our Dart heads, ensuring it can withstand intense movement and the occasional scrape.

The Tether (Rope)

Soft, braided cotton rope is used for the tether meaning your hands stay free from harsh rope burn. The tether has an adjustable slip knot ‘handle’, so you’ll have no problems finding your right length.

The Hardware

All our Rope Darts come with tough ball bearing swivels to minimise unwanted twists and knots.
Optional quick-links mean you can effortlessly change between heads and/or tethers of your choice.

The Right Weight

Our 220g Rope Dart heads have been designed to be the ideal weight for beginners, being heavy enough that staying in control becomes easy, but not so heavy that maintaining momentum is difficult.

What’s Your Size?

Our Rope Darts come in standard 3m lengths with an 8cm diameter head. The length of the tether can easily be shortened by wrapping an extra loop or two around your wrist to help with control if needed. The ideal length is found by measuring your wingspan (fingertip-fingertip, with arms outstretched) and then down to the ground on one side.


Please allow 2-10 working days for orders to be made and shipped (if you need your item/s sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen).


Tether length: 3m
Tether diameter: 6mm
Head diameter: 8cm
Head weight: 220g
PLEASE NOTE: all weights are approximate and exact weight may vary slightly. 
Materials: Double braided polyester rope, cotton braided rope, ball bearing swivel, optional quicklink.


  • 1x rope dart (head and tether)

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