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TrickStix Devil Sticks

TrickStix Devil Sticks

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Designed by Threeworlds after years of research, play, and experience, you know these sticks are quality! Lightweight, well balanced, and super responsive, these bright sticks will be your new favourite.

Both the devil stick and the included hand sticks are gripped with a full silicone exterior meaning these sticks just about stick to themselves. Silicone flowers on the ends of the devil stick flare as you spin, plus add a little extra weight to slow the stick, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate stickers.

Super Durable

One of the hardiest plastics available, the polycarbonate tube will be a tough one to break. Designed with heavy and hard use in mind, these sticks can handle drops and knocks with ease. Plus, you can easily wash them to bring them back to their fresh and former glory.



  • Devil stick length: 700mm
  • Hand stick length: 450mm
  • Devil stick weight: 175g
  • Hand stick weight (each): 50g


  • 1x devil stick
  • 2x hand sticks
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