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Fire Poi Set – 50mm Wicks

Fire Poi Set – 50mm Wicks

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Full Length


  • 2x (1 pair) 50mm fire poi

These fire poi are the perfect first pair of poi. The 50mm wicks keep the flames small, and the clever construction means they won’t hurt when they hit you. These lightweight poi are even suitable for the smaller members in your family to try out - under adult supervision of course!

Soft Poi

The clever soft poi design means these wicks are simply that – all wick. There are no large or solid metal parts poking out, so there’s less risk of injury if they hit you. It also means there is more wick than a metal core poi, which gives a longer burn time.


These poi have been designed to be seamless, from handle to flame. By combining certain parts and removing the need for others, the result is a streamlined set of poi with reduced tangles and points of friction.

Sizing Guide

Your poi should have a total length no longer than your arm, from the centre of your palm to your armpit.


Full Length

  • Small: 600mm
  • Large: 700mm
  • Weight: 200g per pair


  • Chain: 2mm welded curb chain
  • Handles: 34mm silicone knobs


  • Dimensions: 50mm x 45mm
  • Kevlar: 50mm x 3.2mm

    Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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