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Fire Rope Dart – Morningstar

Fire Rope Dart – Morningstar

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A design of our very own creation, this star-shaped fire dart has six large protruding points surrounding an intricately hand woven core. It is ideal for rope dart, with plenty of weight and a wide profile to throw a spectacular flame. Coupled with 3m of silky technora, it’s a dartist’s dream.

We think you’ll appreciate the elegant interweaving layers of the wick as much as you enjoy experimenting with the way the flames flare off the star. There’s no swivel in the mix, so you can set the dart twirling into a vortex off a knee or elbow or stall it in a burst of flame.

Well balanced

The dart is carefully shaped to be well centred and compact, making it stable on its rope. The woven wick core acts as a fuel reservoir which allows the weight of the fuel itself to add extra stability. At 180 grams this dart is definitely sizable and feels good to hurl about but not so huge as to tire you out straight away.



    • Length: 3 metres 
    • Technora: 5mm spliced


    • Dimensions: 110mm x 70mm
    • Weight: 180g per head
    • Kevlar: 25mm x 6mm


    • 1x morningstar fire rope dart

      Make sure to read our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to get the most out of your new fire prop.

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