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Lumi Pro Rechargeable LED Staff

Lumi Pro Rechargeable LED Staff

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Super strong, easy to use, and now collapsible AND rechargeable, you’ll want to take your Lumi LED staff everywhere you go! Designed in Australia with colour modes inspired by nature, this super bright staff is built for night-time fun. Perfect for kids and as an entry level staff for kiddults.

This staff comes packed with 2 super bright LED units that illuminate the full length of the staff and 6 pre-set colour modes, with a comfy, non-slip silicone grip.

Easy to use

A single button turns the staff on/off and cycles through the colour modes. Simple as!

Recharge your staff via USB, or if you want instant power, easily change batteries without screws to fiddle with. Simply slide the end cap off and remove the light unit that houses the batteries.

Super Durable

One of the hardiest plastics available, the polycarbonate tube will be a tough one to break. Designed with kids and beginners in mind, this bad boy can handle drops and knocks with ease. The LED light unit is protected within the polycarb tube, plus it’s covered by black silicone end caps for extra protection.



  • Length: 1080mm
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Weight: 190g


  • 1x Lumi light staff handle
  • 2x Lumi light staff ends
  • 2x Lumi Pro LED light units
  • 2x silicone end caps
  • 1x 2 prong USB C to USB A charging cord
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