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Our silky sock poi are perfect for beginners and those wanting a colourful, lightweight day prop. With just the right amount of bounce, these poi are a pleasure to use and are sure to catch the eye of friends and family everywhere you go.

They come in two sizes, Short (45cm) and Long (65cm). The Short size is ideal for children under 10 years old and those wanting a shorter style.

Multiple Colours

With multiple colours and materials available, we have the perfect pattern for everyone. Colours are named clockwise from the top:

Blue Unicorn, Blue Mermaid, Bright Pink Mermaid, Pale Pink Mermaid, Dark Rainbow, Gold Sparkle, Holographic Rainbow, Rainbow Star, Rainbow Sparkle, Candy Rainbow, Blue Sparkle

Adjustable Length

Easily find your perfect length by wrapping the end of each poi around your hands as needed. Experiment by tying a knot or adding a smaller knob to hold on to once you find your ideal length.

Removable Heads

Each set of poi have a small opening along the seam so you can easily swap out the ball inside for a softer hacky sack if required. Perfect for children and those who need softer poi.


Please allow 2-10 working days for orders to be made and shipped (if you need your item/s sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen).



  • Material: high grade 100% nylon polyester
  • Length: Small (45cm) or Large (65cm)


  • 2x (1 pair) silky sock poi with tennis ball inserts 

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