Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust!

When we looked at the calendar this morning, we had to do a double take. How is it December already?!

2021 has been quite the rollercoaster, and we know many of you have had a tough year. Lockdowns have taken their toll, finances and futures have been  uncertain, and we’re all missing someone dear to us. It’s been difficult, to say the least.


We are optimistic that the emergence of summer will bring about the opportunity for everyone to relax, recharge, and reconnect. 

With summer comes travel. Sometimes, travelling with your props can be a bit tricky. We’ve put together a helpful article to make this process a little less daunting, and hopefully prevent any prop loss at the airport. If you’re flying this summer, check it out so you can get your props safely to your destination.

If you’re DIY inclined, you could even take the parts for your prop, and make it brand new at your destination! We have a ton of parts and accessories to make our own props, or if you just want something to spin NOW, we have a huge range of hand-crafted, made to order, fire and flow props.

Don’t forget, if you want something in time for Christmas, get your order in by Sunday, December 12th! Our final courier drop will be Monday, December 20th.

We are a small, family run business, and we’ll be taking some time this summer to have a much needed break, and reconnect with whānau and friends. We’ll be offline from December 20th and will be back in action again from January 10th,  2022!

We wish you all a very safe and relaxing holiday season and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support this year. We couldn’t do this without you!  We look forward to continuing to bring you quality fire and flow tools, tips, and tricks next year.

Hannah, Tim, and the team.

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