About Us


Kia ora! Welcome to Fire & Flow NZ - your new online hub for all things fire and flow, proudly supporting the kiwi flow community.

Our founders are Tim and Hannah - two kiwi locals who have spent the last two years travelling around New Zealand making and selling fire and flow props. You might have seen us in your town with the Original Gypsy Fair under the name of Took Family Circus Supplies, with our big red house bus and our two children Lucas and Esther

Exploring the country has been great, but the absolute best part has been connecting with other Fire and Flow enthusiasts all around Aotearoa, helping people and seeing them learn and fall in love with a new skill or prop. We are excited to expand and continue this work online, bringing quality props, parts and supplies to the kiwi flow community alongside a team of passionate flow artists from all around Aotearoa New Zealand.


Meet The Team

Hannah Rogers

Website + Prop Creation

The heart and brains of the whole operation, Hannah specialises in making complex wick heads and putting together stunning colour combinations for hula hoops, all the while being a great Mum to two vibrant homeschooled kids.

With a 10 year+ background in parkour, Hannah is a huge believer in the benefits and accessibility of movement for all, and is especially passionate about helping other women and kids.

Poi and double staff are her current obsessions - she is excited to continue learning to use new props while helping others discover the joy of flow arts.


Tim Rogers

Graphic Design + Prop Making

Tim has taken the jack-of-all-trades thing and really made it his own. He’s a comic and caricature artist, writer, bus driver-slash-emergency-mechanic, and multi-skilled musician. Running a prop stall for two years meant developing basic competency in every type of prop we sold, and he was up to the challenge armed with a background in parkour, juggling, unicycling and simple magic.

As part of the Fire & Flow NZ team, Tim takes care of graphic and logo design, shares the load of prop construction, parents while Hannah works her magic, and in what spare time he gets he writes comics and designs parkour parks.

Tim's favourite prop cycles randomly between rope dart, dragon, poi, staff, and the rest.


Tracey Barthow

Content Creator + Admin Wiz

In early 2017, attending a festival changed Tracey’s life forever. She’d seen fire spinning before, but this time, something sparked inside her and she knew it was something she needed to get involved with.

As someone who craves variety and knowledge, Tracey couldn’t stop at just one prop. She decided to try her hand at making practice props and as her collection and knowledge grew, so did her drive to share this newfound obsession. And so, Rise and Flow was born: a one-stop-shop of information and props, designed specifically for those new to flow arts and prop manipulation.

Originally from Auckland, now based in Northland, you’ll find Tracey enjoying the quiet life with walks around the farm and creative time in her workshop. Tracey no longer makes day-flow props but is an enthusiast for a good day-flow session, especially with buugeng and rope dart.

Flow arts helped Tracey improve both her physical and mental health over the past few years, and she has a dream of inspiring as many people as possible to pick up a prop and get amongst!


Kelly Blackwell

Social Media Magician

A professional nerd (yes, really!), bellydance teacher, co-leader at Tairawhiti Fire Tribe - Gisborne, and a full-time sewing machinist - Kelly Blackwell is proud to add social media magician here at Fire and Flow NZ to that list too. 

As a voracious dancer Kelly has their prop heavy fusion bellydance background of 8 years to thank for adding fire and flow to their life. Their long-term focus is on sharing their passion for safe, supportive, and fun dance practice through fire and flow arts in their home-town of Gisborne - and now online with us.

Though Kelly is a lover of any and all weapon styled props, she’s best known for her tech/flow fusion fire fans. 



Wilna Strydom

Prop Maker

Wilna is a wandering soul and finds herself in new and exciting situations on a regular basis - in fact, this is how she came to be part of the Fire & Flow team!

OG lockdown gave Wilna her first taste of flow, starting off with an exercise hula hoop. She then DIY’d the classic plastic-bag-with-sock-in-it poi, moved onto hacky sack juggling, and made some hand sticks after finding a devil stick in an op shop. The final flow for Wilna was a homemade dragon staff that a friend put together. In the end, she caved and bought a contact staff from Fire & Flow and helped set up regular flow meets around Taranaki - in summer you can easily find her dancing til sunset at the beach.

Wilna enjoys creating with her hands and her mind, and when asked what she does on a daily to make her bank account grow, she will quickly tell you that she plays outside - always having fun! She’s amped to be part of the team of creatives at Fire & Flow.


Laura Kennedy

Prop Consultant

With around 10 years’ experience in the industry as both a performer and prop maker my knowledge base is extensive. I primarily specialise in custom made props and enjoy figuring out how things work. The props I enjoy playing with are cigar boxes and I Staff spinning. I am also often found near my forge making new tools or experimenting with a new prop. I own and operate Flaming Metal Fish ltd and am proud to be a Prop consultant with Fire and Flow NZ.