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If you're keen to be part of the whānau, make sure you have a read of our Vision and Values first to ensure we're on the same page, then get in touch.

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Meet our collaborators!

Grace Cave

Social Media Content Creator

Gracie Cave aka Graciiegliitch is our sparkly new Content Creator.

Introduced to the flow world through hoop by a talented friend she met at an event, Grace was immediately obsessed with hoop flow and started hooping every day onwards! Though a hooper at heart, she now spins multiple other props and is always looking to expand her knowledge with new ones.

She realised that a sense of flow/prop manipulation had been in her from a young age; dating back to fond memories dancing as a toddler with the mesmerising silk scarfs in her Ouma's drawer.

Grace is a wife and mother to three, living in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Northland, where she also runs a family owned Bouncy Castle business - Fantasy Bouncy Castles - which fits perfectly into her love of all things fire, flow, and circus!

In between family life Grace has begun her journey in performing at local events and festivals. Her favourite form of performing is roaming, where she gets to interact with the crowds and meet like-minded people.

She loves to share her passion with others and is always eager to introduce people to flow; even building a beginner hoop workshop to teach at festivals and events to start people on their flow journey and further the knowledge of hoopers.

You can now find Grace on Fire and Flow NZ social media as a content creator, sharing a new series of tutorials, her beautiful flow style, and handy reviews for props.

So please help us welcome Grace to the team and give her a follow @gracie.cave