Everyone can learn to spin...

Everyone can learn to spin...

We're here to help!

It's that time of year again when we begin ramping things up for summer, festival season, longer days, warmer nights, and heaps of social spins! Keep an eye on our Festivals and Events page for upcoming events this silly season, and just between us, you'll probably catch Fire & Flow NZ at a few festivals over the summer.

We know many people pick up flow arts for the first time over summer, usually after seeing someone else spinning, so we're dedicating this issue to our new flowmies with some useful links to resources to help you on your flow journey.



Juggling sticks, devil sticks, flower sticks - whatever you call them, this stick trio has been a crowd favourite since ages ago and is well recognised by both young and young-at-heart.

Did you know: a legend says that a troupe of Tibetan performers played in front of the Emperor of China. He was so blown-away by their stick play that he proclaimed there must be a devil spirit in the stick giving it a life of its own, thus the name ‘devil sticks’. You can check out more devilish details in our article What in the Devil are These Sticks?!

Devil Sticks

Our handmade Devil Sticks are the perfect option for beginners and advanced users alike, and are designed to handle drops and knocks with ease. With brilliant UV-reactive colours under a striking black cross-grip, they’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Each set of Devil Sticks is made from 12mm sustainably sourced New Zealand pine dowel. These little devils do their bit for the planet by using recycled inner tubes for the flower ends to produce a well-balanced, user-friendly prop.

Our Devil Sticks are designed to be simple enough for beginners to learn quickly, yet comfortable for more advanced users. 

TrickStix Devil Sticks

Designed by Threeworlds after years of research, play, and experience, you know these sticks are quality! Lightweight, well balanced, and super responsive, these bright sticks will be your new favourite.

Both the devil stick and the included hand sticks are gripped with a full silicone exterior meaning these sticks just about stick to themselves. Silicone flowers on the ends of the devil stick flare as you spin, plus add a little extra weight to slow the stick, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate stickers.

Designed with heavy and hard use in mind, these sticks can handle drops and knocks with ease. Plus, you can easily wash them to bring them back to their fresh and former glory.




The Unlost Village

11-12 Nov
Whanganui (Kowhai Park)

An eclectic travelling market making their way around the north island, the Unlost Village hosts traders and tinkers, foodies and fun makers! They’ll be at Kowhai Park in Whanganui this weekend and Fire & Flow NZ will be there too. There’s also the annual Duck Race (2000 little rubber duckies float down the river for charity) which launches off the bridge at 11am Saturday. Come hang out with us, grab a coffee, a bite, check out the awesome stalls, activities for kids, good vibes, and music.


Extravaganza Fair

11-12 Nov
Timaru (The Loop)

The Extravaganza Fair travels around NZ providing free, family-friendly entertainment. Live music, art, circus and magic shows, market stalls, games and prizes, plus information on solar power, alternative living and waste management.


17-19: Christchurch
25-26: Greymouth

Lakeside Odyssey

1-3 Dec

A brand new festival set in a stunning landscape in Northland, Lakeside Odyssey is a multi-zone imaginary land, with music, movement, art, giant water park, performances, wellness and workshops. With free drinking water and a few selected food stalls, boutique market stalls offering festival toys and something that little bit extra for your outfit, plus flushing toilets and hot showers.




As we head into summer, many flowmies will be picking up a prop for the first time, or picking up a new prop for the first time. Here at Fire & Flow NZ, we believe that every flow artist, from beginner right through to master, deserves access to high quality props, knowledge, resources, and information.

We’ve got a whooooole bunch of articles specifically designed for those new to flow arts, to help you on your flow journey and to keep you safe while spinning. You can check out all of our articles here.



This week, we’re going to be heading back a couple of years to one of our very first articles: The Tip of the Iceberg - an Introduction to Flow Arts. This is a great read if you’re new to flow arts and takes a quick peek at some of the most common props we see in the world of flow.

If you’re planning on spinning fire at all, don’t forget to check out our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide. Not only will you learn the dos and don'ts of spinning fire so you can do this safely, you’ll also learn how to properly take care of your wicks so they last.

We've also got a handy list of regional fire and flow groups, so you can find your tribe, share your skills and knowledge, learn some new things, and make a bunch of awesome new friends.


Here’s what Tanya from Auckland has to say about our Devil Sticks:

“Fantastic service! My daughter (aged 10) loves her Devil Sticks. The colour was her favourite and she is already learning lots of tricks.”

We’re stoked your daughter loves her sticks, Tanya! We reckon they're pretty great too!

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