Festival season is here...

Festival season is here...

And we've got an exciting announcement!


We hope you’re all settling into the new year with ease, and for those who are back to work, we hope your workplace has aircon! Summer is in full swing, and wow is she hot. Make the most of these gloriously warm and long evenings and head along to a local jam session. You can check out our list of Regional Fire and Flow Groups and find your tribe to spin the summer away with.

Summer also means festival season is well upon us and there are some epic festivals and events happening around the country. We are super duper excited to announce that we’ll be at Dimension (Northland) and Shipwrecked (Auckland) this year!

We’ll have a stall full of all your favourite Fire & Flow NZ goodies, plus, if you’re heading along and want something custom made, orders are open now and you can collect your custom items at the festival - too easy!


Last year, we had such a great time with our photo competitions and loved seeing your amazing flow photos, we’ve decided to run another one. This round, it’s festival vibes all the way! Check out our Facebook post and upload your fave festival flow pic to enter. 

We’ll pick our top 5 and the community will vote for their fave. The selected winner will receive a $50 Fire & Flow NZ voucher.

Our last photo comp winner, Payge.

You can check out all the previous entries here.



What do you get if you cross a contact staff and a spin staff? Our hybrid staff - the size of a spin staff but the feel of a lightweight contact staff, covered in super sticky silicone with enough lateral mass to perform gravity-defying contact movements. Yes please!

Fire Hybrid Staff

Compact package, great performance!

Made from the same 19mm aluminium as our spin staffs, but with a larger 75mm wick and extra weight at each end, this staff comes in a standard 1.4m or 1.5m length with your choice of silicone tubing, rubber EPDM or textured GOAT grip along the full length of the staff. 

The thinner diameter is the perfect size for easy spinning, but it is still weighty enough for body contact, meaning it will keep you jamming no matter how diverse your style. 


Get yours now!



The Unlost Village
20-21 Jan
Tauranga (Memorial Park)

An eclectic travelling market making their way around the North Island, the Unlost Village hosts traders and tinkers, foodies and fun makers!

Grab a coffee or a bite, and check out the awesome stalls, activities for kids, good vibes, and music.

2-5 Feb
Northland (Nukutawhiti)

A four day festival with a beautiful river backdrop, live music, workshops, market and food stalls, laser-light shows, performances, and awesome art installations.

Dimension is a leave-no-trace event, with a strong focus on consent, safety, respect, and unity - a place to lose yourself, find yourself, and immerse yourself in an otherworldly experience. 

9-11 Feb
Auckland (Te Arai)

Shipwrecked is a boutique music and arts festival nestled between three lakes in an idyllic landscape not far from the hum of Auckland and the golden sands of the north.

Taking inspiration from the international festival scene, with uniquely Kiwi vibes, Shipwrecked Festival is a place to come together to celebrate and be immersed in a weekend of music, visual and interactive art, nature, and life itself.

 World Buskers Festival
19-28 Jan
Christchurch CBD

Running across two weekends, in various locations throughout the heart of Christchurch city, the World Buskers Festival will dazzle and delight with a combination of free and ticketed shows for all ages. Complete with delicious food, music and art, and of course, incredible performances from national and international artists.



This week we’re taking a look at the hybrid staff. This wonderful staff has the best of both worlds and can to be manipulated as both a rotational (spin) staff or as a contact staff

A spin staff is usually gripped in one or two hands and spun or thrown around the body. This style is often done at high speeds, although slower movements combined with dance or acrobatics are also common. Contact staff is manipulated in a similar way to Fei Cha (a trident-like martial arts weapon) without using a finger and thumb grip. Instead, the staff is kept in contact with various parts of the body using rolls and wraps.

Did you know…?
The contact staff as we know today began to emerge in the 1990’s. ‘Mushy Pea Steve’ is considered one of the key players in the early days of contact staff, and the move, the ‘Steve’, is named after him. Check out our article Isn’t a Staff just a Stick? for more contact staff snippets!


Here’s what Cole from Manawatū-Whanganui has to say about our fire hybrid staff:

Highly recommended! 
Great stick and the grip takes the tricks to a whole new level.

Cheers Cole. We're stoked you like your fire hybrid staff!


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