It's festival time...

It's festival time...

And we are pumped!


We had such a blast at Dimension last weekend. The music was pumping, the vibes were awesome, and the community was beyond fantastic. A massive gust of wind flipped our gazebo at one point and everyone from the nearby poi workshop jumped in to save us - thanks flowmies! Thanks also to everyone who came to say hi. It's always awesome meeting and hanging with the most wonderful people from our community.

We're stoked to be at Shipwrecked this weekend, 9-11 Feb in Te Arai, Auckland. If you’re heading along, please pop in and say hi. We’ve got a stall packed full of all your fave Fire & Flow NZ goodies, and we love having yarns and flow jams with our awesome community.


A couple of weeks ago we ran our first photo comp of 2024 and it was AMAZING! The theme was 'festival faves' and y’all delivered. As always, it was difficult picking just 5 but we narrowed it down and you picked your favourite

Massive congrats to Gracie! You’ve scored yourself a $50 Fire & Flow NZ voucher. Keep an eye on our Facebook for more photo comps happening in the near future so you can get yourself in on the action.

Our latest photo comp winner, Gracie.

You can check out all of the entries from our first photo comp of 2024 here.



School is back in session and settling into a new routine is the perfect time to add ‘learning a new skill’ into that routine! Devil sticks are awesome fun for both young and young-at-heart and they’re pretty easy to learn the basics of, with a plethora of tutorials available online. Get yours today and start your year off learning something new and having fun.

Devil Sticks

Our handmade Devil Sticks are the perfect option for beginners and advanced users alike. With brilliant UV-reactive colours under a striking black cross-grip, they’re sure to stand out from the crowd.  

These little devils do their bit for the planet by using recycled inner tubes for the flower ends to produce a well-balanced, user-friendly prop. 

Our cross-hatched grip design means your sticks won’t slip. The grip provides extra control and minimises slipping – and the frustration that goes with it.


Get yours now!

Fire Devil Sticks

Up your devil stick game with flames! Crafted using 16mm aluminium tubing, the silicone grip on the hand sticks and body of the devil stick gives you that extra grip. Silicone flowers are added just below the 25mm wicks for better balance, added weight and more control. 





9-11 Feb
Auckland (Te Arai)

Fire & Flow NZ will be at Shipwrecked - a boutique music and arts festival nestled between three lakes in an idyllic landscape not far from the hum of Auckland and the golden sands of the north.

Taking inspiration from the international festival scene, with uniquely Kiwi vibes, Shipwrecked Festival is a place to come together to celebrate and be immersed in a weekend of music, visual and interactive art, nature, and life itself.

23-25 Feb
Auckland (Ōrere Point)

Splore is a three day music and arts festival about an hour south of Auckland, full of music, food and drink, visual arts, costumes, and performing arts performances and workshops.

Splore prides itself on caring for the environment that plays host to this awesome festival by working to reduce and offset carbon emissions and having a leave-no-trace policy. Child-friendly with a dedicated kids zone.




Keeping in theme with our Product Spotlight, and to help get you hyped for back to school, we're taking a deep dive into the world of devil sticks with our article What in the Devil are These Sticks?!

Did you know..? 

The first ever image of juggling sticks comes from Prague and dates back to 1820!

Devil sticks were a popular sight at concerts and events in the 1960's and 1970's, they made a return in the 1990's, and are now a common sight again, often bringing back fond memories for those who played with them as kids.

The Guinness World Record for the most helicopter spins with devil sticks in one minute is held by Carlos Mir from the US. In 2021, Mir completed a whopping 113 helicopter spins in just 60 seconds. That's almost 2 rotations per second! For more captivating devilish fun facts, check out our article.


Here’s what Nicola from Taranaki has to say about our handmade devil sticks:

“Fantastic! My 10yr old LOVES hers and got family members of all ages trying them out at Christmas time. Thanks so much! Awesome quality!”

We’re stoked the whole family is enjoying them!


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