Spring has finally sprung!

Spring has finally sprung!

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes and for your support over the past year.

It really means a lot to have such a wonderful community backing us - you are the reason we strive to be the best version of Fire & Flow NZ that we can be.

The clocks have changed and spring has most certainly sprung. The days are longer and getting warmer, so as always, make the most of sunshine while it’s here - get out and spin! Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap, wrap, and play in the shade when you can.

With the warmer weather comes two of the best annual travelling fairs in the country - we look forward to them hitting our town each summer!

The Extravaganza Fair
From 17 Sep, 2022 - 23 Apr, 2023 with free, family-friendly entertainment for all. Live music, art, family shows and entertainment - including circus and magic shows, market stalls, games and prizes, plus information on solar power, alternative living, and waste management. They’ll be in Christchurch this weekend (8-9 Oct) then working their way north, so go check ‘em out if you're near the Garden City.

The Original Gypsy Fair
From 24 Sep, 2022 - 30 Apr, 2023 and has been serving up arts and crafts, music, delicious food, circus and flow, and beautiful smiles around New Zealand since 1990. A family-friendly, free event, with a focus on supporting local artisan crafters and artists. Unfortunately, due to wet weather bogging up the grounds, they’ve had to cancel their time in Taradale this weekend (8-9 Oct) but you can still keep your eyes out for the awesome house trucks and buses in the area! They’ll be heading over to Taupo next weekend (15-16 Oct) then working their way south.

Also worth checking out in Hawkes Bay is the brand spankin’ Hawkes Bay Fire and Flow group. They aim to be a place where fire spinners, flow artists, hobbyists, and the flow curious in Hawkes Bay can connect and share, at any stage of their journey. Jump on over to their Facebook page for more information about upcoming meets.

As we say farewell to the cold, rainy weather, we gleefully welcome warmer evenings that are perfect for fire spinning. One of the key components to any fire prop is the wick. Kevlar is the most common material used for wicking, but, what is Kevlar really? And why is it the industry standard?

We’ve put together this little article all about Kevlar and other types of similar fibres, so you can be confident in your wicks the next time you light up.

Don’t forget to check out our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide to ensure you get the longest and safest life from your wicks possible.

If you’re keen on DIYing your own fire props, we have a wide range of quality wick and parts suitable for your DIY prop of choice.

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