Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our (semi) regular newsletter!

The past few months have been a little chaotic, but it’s our goal moving forward to make this a (regular) regular newsletter!

What a start to 2023 it’s been, huh?

Auckland was buffeted with insane rains at the end of January causing mass flooding, and then just a couple of weeks later, Cyclone Gabrielle showed much of the North Island the enormous power of Mother Nature.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by what’s been described as one of the worst storms to hit Aotearoa in living history. We want to send a very heartfelt ‘kia kaha’ to those in the hardest hit areas - Northland, Coromandel, Tairāwhiti, and Hawkes Bay. We have team members in both Northland and Tairāwhiti who felt the full wrath of Gabby, but thankfully, they are safe and working on getting back to some semblance of normality.

The effects of this storm will be felt for a while yet, and while it’s devastating to see such damage, it’s incredible to see communities coming together and helping each other out in times of need.

Keep helping those less fortunate than you and keep being kind, especially in times like this.


Our contact fire staff is the prop of choice for both advanced spinners and for beginners who want to jump right into contact spinning.

So, what makes our contact staff different from a spin staff?

For starters, it’s longer than a spin staff, which helps to slow it down. Our contact staff also has bigger wicks, which aside from giving it bigger flames, means it’s heavier than a spin staff. This gives it a smoother feel and flow, and allows it to move in ways that a lighter spin staff will not.

A spin staff will have around 300-400mm of grip in the centre of the staff, whereas the entire length (less a short fire safety allowance at each wick end) of our contact staff is covered in grip - this makes keeping contact with your body a breeze.

Our preferred choice of grip for contact staff is GOAT grip, and… we finally have it back in stock - hooray! GOAT grip is tough, rough, and extremely robust! Made of a thick, textured rubber that performs incredibly well, even when wet, GOAT grip is the most durable grip option available - perfect for your contact staff.

Head on over to our shop now to get your contact fire staff, or some sweet sweet GOAT grip to give your old staff some new life. Don’t forget to read up on wick care and fire safety too!


Special Mention - Te Matatini, 22-25 Feb, Auckland (Ngā Ana Wai (Eden Park))

Te Matatini is a 4-day biennial festival, and is the most prestigious Māori performing arts festival in the world! After being postponed in 2021, this year is anticipated to be the biggest Te Matatini Herenga Waka Herenga Tangata National Kapa Haka Festival. The festival prides itself on being whānau friendly, and a smoke and alcohol-free event. It has an open-door policy, where all people are welcome to come and experience the timeless tradition and spectacle of Kapa Haka.

Te Matatini will be broadcast live on TVNZ 2 and live streamed on TVNZ+ throughout the full four days of the event. All performances will also be available on TVNZ+ for catch-up/on demand viewing, and you can also check it out on the Freeview app.

When we spin poi in flow arts, it’s important to remember their roots and to show appreciation by ensuring the history and the tikanga (the correct procedure, and customary system of values and practices) of traditional poi are shared and respected as the taonga (treasure) that they are. An important part of this respect and appreciation is sharing the knowledge and history of poi. You can learn more about Te Korero mo te Poi (The Story of Poi) here.

Image credit: tematatini.co.nz


Splore - 24-26 Feb, Auckland (Ōrere Point)

An immersive 3-day festival full of costumes, music, visual arts, and performing arts - on this weekend. While Splore is officially sold out, there are some last minute re-sale tickets available (there is quite the wait list, but you never know, you may get lucky). For those of you who are heading to Splore this weekend - have an amazing time, stay safe, and don’t forget to look out for each other!

Earthbeat - 22-26 Mar, Auckland (Ātiu Creek)

Earthbeat is on in just one month and tickets are still available! Located just 75 minutes from Auckland, this is the place to play, learn, revitalise, and make new connections. This 5-day, family-friendly wonderland is accessible for all with live music, kids zone, art, wellness and healing, presentations, and over 60 workshops. Earthbeat are on a mission to be completely waste-free and pride themselves on having a whānau focused community vibe.

Don’t forget to check out our list of regional fire and flow groups and connect with flowmies near you.


Our latest article, Juggle Me This, delves deep into the wonderful world of juggling.

Check it out to learn about how and when juggling started, how it's evolved over the years, and some fascinating juggling records, feats, and facts.

Image credit: Andrés Gómez


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