Our website has a new look…

Our website has a new look…

Just in time for our birthday!

We’re pretty stoked to boldly and officially announce our new and improved website is LIVE! If you haven’t already had a look, go check it out! We’ve made it a bit more sleek and modern, and cleaned things up to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Let us know what you think!

Next month marks a pretty big milestone for us… Fire & Flow NZ turns 2! We’re pretty excited and will for sure be celebrating, so keep an eye out for some epic birthday deals coming your way.



We adore rope darts here at Fire & Flow NZ. Today, we spotlight a couple of our fire favourites. No matter if you spin a martial arts or a flow style of dart, we’ve got something that’ll burn beautifully for you.

Don't forget to keep yourself safe while spinning fire with our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide.

Twister Fire Rope Dart

Fire Rope Dart - Twister

The distinctive shape of this knot is instantly recognisable and popular everywhere. This fire dart is great for all levels of skill, is comfortable to use with and throws a good flame. 

Not just a pretty face, the ridges and pockets soak up fuel and then allow it to feed out evenly throughout your burn. Because the flat sides of the wicks are exposed rather than the edges, they’ll be more resistant to deterioration as well. 

With a barrel shaped head, the twister is a great knot for dart. The narrowness of the knot allows you to swing it close to your body without having to twist out of the way, and it has plenty enough weight to build up some sweet flow without getting exhausted. 

Monkey Fist Fire Rope Dart

 Fire Rope Dart - Monkey Fist

This monkey fist fire dart is solid and heavy, and throws a big fat flame that burns for ages. A well-travelled classic, these knots are a staple in the flow world for good reason. 

The monkey fist knot traces its whakapapa back to seafaring days, when sailors used the weight of the knot to throw lines to and from shore. We use it to spin fire, and it works for all the same reasons: the ball of rope creates a considerable mass, and because the knot only tightens under tension, it won’t unravel. 

At 80mm across in every direction, this dart throws out a respectable amount of fire - and noise. Our wick-core design means the full 140 grams of kevlar will soak up an impressive amount of fuel and burn for long enough for you to settle right into your spinning vibe. 



With the busy festival season almost upon us, we’ve updated our Festival and Event page - and what a summer it’s going to be! Check it out.

It’s finally that time of year when the two biggest travelling fairs of Aotearoa prepare to begin their journeys. Keep an eye out for when they’ll be visiting a town near you, and definitely head along if you can. Such a fun day out for everyone! 


The Extravaganza Fair
16 Sep

The Extravaganza Fair spends the summer travelling around NZ offering up an array of free, family-friendly entertainment. From art to circus and magic shows, market stalls to information on solar power and alternative living - there really is something for everyone.

23-24 Sep: Blenheim
30 Sep - 1 Oct: Nelson

The Gypsy Fair
23-24 Sep

The Gypsy Fair has been serving up arts and crafts, music, delicious food, circus and flow, and beautiful smiles around New Zealand since 1990. A family-friendly, free event, with a focus on supporting local artisan crafters and artists.

30 Sep - 1 Oct: Gisborne
7-8 Oct: Taradale

Tahi Festival
6-16 Sep
Wellington (BATS and Circa Theatre)

This 10-day festival celebrates and showcases solo performers, plus offers up a range of workshops for those looking to upskill. It’s Tahi’s 5th birthday this year, so head along and help them celebrate.



The rope dart is such an awesome prop - to spin and to watch. We love the feeling of a good workout from a decent dart sesh and we especially love watching an epic fire dart spin.

Rope dart has been around for thousands of years and was originally used as a flexible weapon in ancient China. The first written description of the rope dart dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and it has been used in martial arts (in the western world) since the 1980’s. It’s estimated that this awesome prop started growing in popularity in the flow arts world somewhere round the early 2000’s.

Rope dart in use

Did you know, the rope dart has a few pretty cool cousins? There is the meteor dart, the meteor hammer, and the oxbow, or puppy hammer. A bit confused? Check out our article ‘The Low Down on Dart’ to clear it all up!


Here’s what Tyler from Auckland thinks of our Monkey Fist Fire Dart:

‘Highly recommended! Well made monkey fist with a really satisfying weight to it. The leash is good quality and is well waxed, really enjoying it and would definitely recommend.’

Cheers Tyler! Our team loves our rope darts too!


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