We've missed you!

We've missed you!

Sorry it's been so long...

We know, we know... our regular newsletter has slipped back into a not-so-regular newsletter. We've missed sending out our regular updates to our wonderful community, BUT, we have good reason for being a bit slack on this front lately.

We've been super busy behind the scenes getting something new and exciting ready to launch...

'What could it possibly be?' you ask.

Stay tuned. All will be revealed soon!



Starting to feel the cold a bit more lately? Wanna know a great way to warm up on a cold evening? Spinning some fire poi!

Fire poi are one of our community favourites, and ours too. Take a look at one of our favourite, simple poi sets, made right here in Aotearoa, by us, Fire and Flow NZ.

50mm wick fire poi set

50mm Wick Fire Poi

These fire poi are the perfect first pair of poi. The 50mm wicks keep the flames small, and the clever construction means they won’t hurt when they hit you.

The clever soft poi design means these wicks are simply that – all wick, so there’s less risk of injury if they hit you. It also means a longer burn time.

These poi have been designed to be seamless, from handle to flame. By combining certain parts and removing the need for others, the result is a streamlined set of poi with reduced tangles and points of friction.



Winter is Passing
28-31 July
Bay of Plenty (Aongatete Lodge)

Winter is Passing is a unique boutique affair that revolves around the joy of juggling and passing during the daytime, and cosy board game sessions in front of a warm fireplace during the evenings. It's a great way to make the most of a winter weekend by spending quality time with like-minded friends, both old and new, who share similar interests.

Tickets available now.
Circulation Festival
23-27 November
Dunedin (Whare Flat)

Save the date!
Discover one of Aotearoa's best kept secrets: Circulation, a family friendly festival of music, workshops, and performances. Circulation includes a diverse range of workshops, including fire and flow arts, and finishes up with a grand gala showcase featuring some of NZ’s best performers.

Tickets on sale soon.


Bonus Round: Matariki - Friday 14 July

Last year marked the first year that Matariki was officially recognised as a holiday in Aotearoa. This year (and every year moving forward), we, as a nation, will celebrate Matariki, the Māori new year.

Some areas of the country have already started gearing up for their celebrations, so keep your eyes peeled for events and festivities in your area - if last year is anything to go by, there will be a ton of fire shows to experience!

Have a nosey here for more info on what Matariki is all about and why it's so important.



It's important to know how to properly care for your fire props, not just so they live a long and happy life, but to keep yourself and those around you safe when you light up.

Whether you're new to fire spinning, or have been at it since ages ago, safety is of the utmost importance so we can all continue doing what we love.

Check out our Wick Care and Fire Safety Guide for all you need to know about, well, wick care and fire safety!

This guide gives you an in depth look into preparation of new wicks and maintenance of your wicks, right through to the importance of having a safety person and safety equipment; different fuel types; how to dip, store and spin off excess fuel; what clothing is best; and first aid in relation to fire. Give it a good read before you light up!


Here’s what Leilana from Rangiora reckons about our fire poi:

“Fab service, fab product, fab fab fab!!”

We hope you're having a blast and keeping toasty (and safe) with your fire poi, Leilana!


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