Five sets of brightly coloured poi sit against a white backdrop


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So, you've made your monkey fist from our DIY post and now you want to know how to make homemade poi. Here, we'll show you how to take that beautiful monkey fist and turn it into a fantastic set of DIY poi. Alternatively, you can check out our DIY rope dart!

For those who don't have the time, patience or resources to make our DIY monkey fist poi, a super simple option to get started on your journey to spinning poi is homemade sock poi.

Simply find a pair of long socks (ideally you want these the length of your arm, from your hand to you armpit) and stuff a tennis ball or hacky sack in each sock. Taa-daa - super easy DIY poi!


Materials for DIY Poi:

  • 2x completed monkey fists
  • Excess rope still attached to the monkey fists (approx. 50-70cm)
  • 2x handles – you can use a large bead for this, or simply tie a knot in the end of your rope to create a handle, or you can check out our poi handles
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • A lighter – to melt the ends of your rope
  • Scissors
Two pink monkey fists sit on a black desk with other material used to make DIY poi


Method for DIY Poi:

1. Cut one end of your excess monkey fist rope as close to the head as you can get it. Use a lighter to melt the cut end and stick it to the knot.

Be careful – the melted rope will be hot!

A close up of a pink monkey fist showing where to cut the rope to make DIY poi


2. Measure out approx. 50-70cm of rope from the other end.

A close up of a pink monkey fist showing how long to make a tether for DIY poi


3. The ideal length for poi is from your hand to your armpit.

A person holds up a poi against their arm to show how long a poi should be


4. Cut the rope and attach or create your handle.

A close up of a pink monkey fist DIY poi


5. Repeat for the second monkey fist.

Two pink monkey fist DIY poi sit on a black desk


Enjoy your new poi!

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