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So, you've made your monkey fist from our DIY post and want to turn it into your very own prop. Here, we'll show you how to take that beautiful monkey fist and turn it into an awesome rope dart. Alternatively, you can check out our DIY poi!



  • Your completed monkey fist
  • 3m of soft, braided rope for your tether – we suggest braided cotton (shibari rope works great!)
  • A swivel (optional but recommended) – we suggest a ball bearing swivel with a welded ring for extra strength. Ensure the rings are big enough to fit your rope through
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • A lighter – to melt the ends of your rope
  • Scissors



1. Cut one end of your monkey fist rope as close to the head as you can get it. Use a lighter to melt the cut end and, if you can, stick it to the monkey fist knot.
Be careful – the melted rope will be hot!


2. Cut the other end with enough length to be able to easily tie an
overhand knot, plus an extra approx. 5cm.


3. Attached your swivel, approx. 5cm from the monkey fist head, by tying an overhand knot to one of the rings. You can cut the excess rope once you’ve secured your swivel and melt the cut end of rope.


4. Attach your soft tether rope to the other ring on your swivel. Use the same overhand knot to secure it and trim any excess rope. If you’re using 100% cotton rope, you won’t be able to melt the end.
Optional: you can tape or glue the end to stop it from fraying.


5. Measure out approx. 3m of your soft tether rope (the ideal tether length for a rope dart is the distance from the ground to your shoulders + your wingspan).


6. At the loose end of the 3m tether rope, create a wrist loop.
The best knot to use for this is a noose knot. You should be able to slide this knot along the tether, giving you an adjustable wrist loop.


7. Trim of any excess rope and check that your knots are secure.


8. Attach the loop to your wrist and check your sizing
(the head should be just above the ground with your arms stretched out).



Enjoy your new rope dart!

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